Top 5 Manga You Should Read after Watching Anime

We all love anime, don’t we? Watching an anime is both informative and entertaining. You might have experienced when your watching your favourite anime that when it ends, it leaves a hollow impact as we want to see more of the story. But the good news is, you can easily know the story by reading the manga of the anime. The story of an anime is adapted from manga.
Manga is a comic book in Japanese with certain elements differentiating with the general idea of a comic book, it is read from right to left, not the other way around. Manga is made first by its author/writer. After the manga is successful it is bound to be adapted into an anime by any studio company. If you have watched an anime and want to know more about the progress of story and what volume and chapter to start from, then you should read this.

One Piece

One Piece chapter and anime

One Piece is probably the biggest anime of all time, and it has crossed 1000 figure mark in both anime and manga showcasing the size of the franchise. One piece is created by Eichiro Oda with the first chapter out in 1997 and it is still ongoing which is pretty amazing. The current anime is on 1035 episodes with Luffy and Kaido locked into a battle and the rest of Strawhats are fighting the commanders and other big shots of the Animal pirates.

After these intense battles and scenes, one could not simply wait for another week to wait for the anime. Some quickly shift to manga in order to know the events of the series. If you wish to continue manga after anime then according to current anime events, you should start with chapter 1014 of manga. Chapter 1014 and episode 1035 are fairly at the same event. Check it out now.

Black Clover

Black Clover manga and anime

Black Clover is a very popular anime with the theme of wizards and magic. The story consists of a boy Asta, who is unable to use magic and people ridicule him for this. When he joins the BlackBull, everyone questions the captain’s decision, and shortly after everyone acknowledges Asta’s power. Black Clover anime was regular like One Piece but it was later announced as a seasonal anime(not everyone can keep up with One Piece). The anime stopped airing at episode 170, so those who want to read the manga after the anime should start from chapter 270 in the manga.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Manga and anime

Season 6 of My Hero Academia is airing right now and it packs some exciting arcs, so you should probably wait for the anime. But if you are an impatient guy like me, then manga chapter 263 should see you reach the end of season 5. After that, the events get pretty extreme. The Paranormal Liberation Arc is one of the biggest arcs in recent new-gen anime. This arc will see Tomura Shigaraki get a frightening power at his disposal which he plans to use against heroes.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime

Jujutsu Kaisen written and illustrated by Gege Akutami is a gem of an anime. Itadori is a great character but he is nothing compared to the most popular character of the series, Gojo Satoru. With only 24 episodes into anime. The studio has only adapted till chapter 52, so if you want to know further advancement in the series, you should start reading after chapter 52.

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter manga anime

The award for the most unlucky fan base goes to Hunter X Hunter as the anime is on an indefinite hiatus. If you want to read manga because it doesn’t seem likely that the anime will continue. After Gon finally meets with his dad, what do they do and what is the next adventure for Gon? Find out by reading chapter 339 of the manga. Go ahead and explore the story because who knows when will anime of the series will come back. The anime paused at episode 148 in the anime which is equivalent to chapter 339 in the manga.

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