About Us

What is HelloBro?

HelloBro is a platform that is made to fulfill the desire for anime products for hardcore otakus and the youth as well as our clothing line with this trendy combination of streetwear and anime. HelloBro is trying to spread anime culture all over the world with a range of products like manga, anime action figures, keychains, trump cards, manga box sets, chocolates, and much more.

Founder of HelloBro

Founder of HelloBro

Roshan Nishad, the founder of HelloBro is a person who is himself an Otaku. It was his lifelong dream to create his clothing line with anime as the inspiration behind this idea. He is a hustler who never settles for less. His work ethic is unmatched and the standard he has set for himself is too high. This is the reason for his constant growth and despite some setbacks, Roshan has always believed in himself which paved the way for his achievements.

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