Best 5 Manga to read with Record-Breaking Sales!!

Here We know about the Top 5 Best Selling Manga of All Time. A manga is a great tool of entertainment, if you have read a manga then you probably are aware that what a gem this thing is. Manga is a Japanese comic book which is later adapted into anime which become more popular than manga itself. Here is a list of the Top 5 Best Selling Manga of All Time.

Demon Slayer

Top 5 Best selling Manga of all time

Demon Slayer is a hit anime and manga. Since its inception, manga has become very popular along with anime too. The creator of this manga is Koyoharu Gotouge and the manga had a very successful run from 2016 to 2020. During this time, demon slayer enjoyed quite rich popularity. But the true fame came after the release of anime with the Ufotable Studios. The manga has sold approximately 150 million copies of manga and the average sales per volume are close to 6.52 million copies per volume.

One Piece

Top 5 Best selling Manga of all time

If you read the manga then you might’ve come across the name ‘One piece’, that’s what the size of ‘One Piece’ is. Eichiro Oda is the creator of ‘One Piece’. It started serialization in 1997. One Piece is a story starting with Luffy who has a body of rubber aiming to become a pirate king along with many adventures along his way. One Piece has over 490 million copies in circulation. It records an average sales of 4.5 million per volume.

Attack on Titan

Top 5 Best selling Manga of all time

Attack on Titan is one of the best modern-day manga by Hajime Isayama. The manga covers a fantasy world where humanity is under threat from the human devouring titans. Eren suffers a great deal of psychological damage as he saw his mother enrages to the point where he decides to exterminate every single titan from the face of the world. This manga has also in the category of 100 million copies in circulation with an average of 2.94 million copies per volume. 


Naruto is one of the best three manga of the peak manga era, One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. He is a tenacious ninja who aims to become Hokage(highest ranking position) despite a devil fox sealed inside him. He works hard and earns his name in the ninja world. Will he achieve his dream of becoming Hokage? This manga has over 250 million copies in circulation and it remains one of the most popular and best-selling manga of all time with an average sale of 3.47 million copies per volume.

Death Note

Yagami light is a young student who is a very intelligent student who is not enjoying his daily life. One day he finds a notebook that belongs to the Shinigami, who is the god of death. As he learns the power of the death note, he turns himself into Kira, who kills criminals for the sake of a better world. But, is Yagami Light able to change the world or he has to pay a very high price for his actions? This manga has sales of 30 million copies for a total of 12 volumes.

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