Unexpected Plot Twist in anime and manga

Best Shocking and Unexpected Plot Twists in Anime and Manga

The unexpected Plot Twists in anime are a thing to live for. The characters have depth and personality with a bit of uniqueness. Anime like One Piece, Attack on Titan, and Death Note keep their audience on the edge of their seats with gripping stories and unexpected plot twists. Here are some of the best plot twist in anime that leaves you surprised and dejected and happy at times.

Luffy’s Father is Revealed

One Piece unexpected plot twist

One Piece is an anime full of everything. It is shonen, shoujo at times, seinen occasionally, and every other genre is combined in this great anime. There are plenty of twists and turns which leave the fans in awe of and smartness of Eiichiro Oda, the creator of one piece. It is very difficult to deliver such intensity and suspense week in and week out but one piece is clearly maintaining its level for quite a long time.

After Rescuing Robin from Enies Lobby, The straw hats return to water 7 and suddenly Garp, who is the top executive of the Navy, along with Koby and Helmeppo visits Luffy. That is when Garp reveals that the infamous revolutionary “Dragon” is the father of Luffy. All the other Starwhats except Luffy, are flabbergasted by the news of Luffy’s father’s revelation.

Ace’s Death

ace's death one piece

When Ace was introduced as Luffy’s brother, great things were expected out of him, and rightly so. The audience expected Ace to become a Yonko at least, but he was relentless and even pursued Blackbeard in order to avenge Thatch’s death over a devil fruit. This pursuit of Blackbeard leads Ace to a dark destiny. The battle with Blackbeard is lost and handed to Govt. and locked up in Impel Down.

Since, he was Luffy’s brother and Whitebeard’s crewmate it was anticipated that Whitebeard Pirates will come to save him and Luffy too, and they did. The war was in full swing and While saving Luffy, Ace Sacrificed himself and died on the spot. His brother’s death completely breaks Luffy’s will and Jimbei saves him and later makes him realize that his life hasn’t ended yet. Ace’s death was the most unexpected plot twist in my opinion.

Real Reason Behind Itachi’s Action

Uchiha Clan Massacre Itachi Uchiha

A classic case of choice between clan or village. Itachi was a prodigy since a young age and the future of Uchiha and The Leaf Village was bright. He got into Anbu at the age of 11 which showcased his extraordinary skills. Uchiha Clan was among the most powerful clan of The Leaf Village.

There was some unrest among the Uchiha clan and the clan planned a coup d’etat on the village, and Itachi was made to choose between the village and his clan. In order to maintain peace in his village, he chooses to wipe out his clan on the orders of Danzo. He even slayed his parents and only Sasuke was spared. Itachi was made the culprit and treated as a terrorist for their immoral actions, but this later revelation of Itachi’s true motives makes him a hero in everyone’s eyes.

True Identity Of Armored and Colossal Titan

Attack on Titan Plot twist

Attack On Titan is an anime full of plot twists and conspiracy, and we can see it in every arc where new information unfolds the truth. His hatred towards Titans started with his mother’s death.

He enlists in Survey Corps to be able to kill titans and end them from the face of the earth. But during a battle, the Survey corps can’t believe that Reiner and Berthold are the Armored and Colossal Titans and they are planning a full-scale war with Paradis Island.

Eren is the real Antagonist

Eren is the villain plot twist

Attack on Titan is full of the most unexpected plot twists. The first three season of Attack on Titan paints a picture that the war is between Titans and Humans. In the later part of the third season, the truth is that the humans are Titans. Eren becomes a different person when his founding Titan abilities are out.

Eren’s shift of point of view starts when he leaves Paradis Island and infiltrates Marley to gain information. when the story progresses and it becomes evident that Eren’s founding titan can see in the future and his plan all along was to eliminate every human except Eldians from the face of the earth. This revelation makes Eren transition from a hero to a villain.

Aizen is a Bad Guy after all

Aizen unexpected plot twist

I recently started Bleach and it has quite the artwork, and storyline. The creator has a sense of fashion and great style. As far as the story is concerned, the world-building is great with a solid plot. The Soul Society decides that Rukia will die, and Ichigo and company enter into Soul Society to save Rukia. Amidst the hunt for Ichigo, someone kills Aizen and the suspicion goes to Ichimaru. Aizen suddenly appears and then reveals his plans, he is plotting something much bigger and he is behind the death of the 46 councils.

Lelouch’s Death

Lelouch unexpected ending

Lelouch showed that he can think way ahead of everyone as he had the plan ready to establish peace with his own death. He had this plan in mind as soon as he took control of the power and portrayed himself as a villain and planned his death. Nobody could have the unexpected plot twist of the death of Lelouch. His sudden death changed the plot and brought peace to Britannia.

Sakura’s unexpected death

I want to eat your pancreas plot twist

I want to eat your Pancreas is a sad movie where a girl who has very little time left with Pancreatic Cancer. A boy accidentally reads her diary. Now, he knows about her condition. Sakura forces her to accompany her and become her friend for the little time she has. The movie took an unexpected plot twists where one day, she dies as a murder victim and her friend, who has prepared himself for her death in the near future, couldn’t register the fact that she is dead and breaks down completely.

Askeladd’s Death

Askeladd's Death

When Askeladd meets the Danish King, who is hell-bent on attacking Wales, Askeladd’s mother’s country, he becomes furious. In order to change the king’s mind, he tries to distract him from the topic and redirect his attention elsewhere. After his vain efforts, Askeladd plays a big gamble and beheads the King.

He has a bigger motive behind all this fiasco. He wanted Canute to kill him so that the people can see him as a savior and take him for the King, who took revenge for the King and it pays off. But the action he took changed the course of the Vinland Saga.

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