Chainsaw Man Season 1 Overview

Chainsaw Man: Season 1 Overview

Chainsaw Man was a highly anticipated anime of recent times. When the first episode aired, it did not bring the kind of impact we hoped for. But credit to Chainsaw Man, it has performed quite well with the expectations soaring high. The anime has 12 episodes that cover 38 chapters of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga and the first episode covered chapter first. Here is the overview of Chainsaw Man: Season 1.


Chainsaw Man Season 1

Denji has never known what is it like to live a normal life. He lives with his dog Pochita day by day due to his father’s debt. One day, the lender kills him and his dog revives him with his heart and he is reborn as Chainsaw Man. After his transformation, Makima, who is a top officer in the Devil Hunting department, invites Denji to join with the promise of house, food, and clothes.

After the introduction to Aki, Power comes into the picture who is a self-conscious girl with a lot of pride in herself. Both she and Denji form an unusual partnership that includes mostly goofing around a lot. But little does he know that Power intends to use her to rescue her cat. Denji, who is a good-hearted person, helps Power rescue her cat despite what she did to him. After this encounter, Power and Denji’s friendship grows.

The next mission introduces three new characters Kobeni, Himeno, and Arai. Power, Denji, and Aki go to the hotel with the other colleagues to find the devil. To their surprise, they find themselves trapped on the eighth floor. The Devil who does that announces if the rest can bring Chainsaw Man, dead or alive, they can be free. This offer brings second thoughts to the mind of Kobeni and Arai, but Aki saves him. Then, Denji himself takes out the Devil with his Chainsaw Devil.

Chainsaw Man Manga ANime

On their encounter with the Katana Man. This Katana man defeats Denji and injures Aki and he is hospitalized, and Himeno is killed in her quest to save Aki. Kobeni helps make the heads of the villains retreat while Makima deals a heavy blow to them.

Denji and Power get trained by the formidable devil hunter Kishibe while Aki makes a new deal with the Future Devil. The rematch arrives and the Chainsaw Man and the Katana Man duke it out, with the former emerging victorious. Chainsaw Man: Season 1 has that raw element.

Unique and Offbeat

The anime is a pack of blockbuster-level cinema with great angle shots, and the animation makes even the most ordinary activities like making food, Aki smoking a cigarette, or mundane things that are not so hooking. But Chainsaw Man’s animation makes anyone appreciate the usual activities along with great camera angle shots. It is truly a treat for cinematic lovers. The fight scenes are stunning, unpredictable, and a bit gross but that makes it complement the animation.

Chainsaw Man Aki

A majority of anime takes place in school settings which becomes a bit too predictable for most of the anime. But, this one is more of an office comedy. Here, the events happen in the workplace which is rare in a shonen anime. This anime is far from the hype, but it still does a pretty decent job of creating an anime that could be one of the best in 2022. So, what are your thoughts on Chainsaw Man: Season 1?

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