Explore the different Categories of Anime from Shonen to Slice-of-Life

Anime is associated with Japanese animation that portrays awesome graphics, great colors, fantastic characters, and great themes. It is becoming more popular in the West with crazy growth. Anime is not only a cartoon with great visuals, but the plot is also very solid and it is the prime reason for their incredible success. There are different categories of anime with crazy storylines, my personal favorites are One Piece, Attack on Titan, and Death note.

Apart from great storylines, there are other elements that support the anime to become a better version. These elements include breathtaking graphics, fan services, and many more things that make up the anime.


shonen aime

The categories of anime are vast but this specific category is too much popular. The basic outline is identical but completely unique from each other, for example, Shonen anime is an action-adventure that features a lot of action, and fights. It usually targets young males. There can be two shonen anime with a similar plot but completely different details. Examples of this genre are One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto.


Shojo anime

This genre targets young female audiences and it contains romantic, dramas and similar kinds of shows. Examples are Fruits Basket and Banana Fish. These anime generally cover love stories, drama, and similar kinds of anime. This genre is just one of the best categories of anime.


Mecha anime

It is one of the most popular categories among boys, and young men. There are a lot of machines and technology and it sometimes becomes supernatural anime. the anime that falls in this category are Akira, Ghost in The Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and much more anime.


Slice of life

Slice of Life anime is quite popular as they are the most relatable and normal storyline without any supernatural elements. It covers the different aspects of issues of daily life. The first anime that comes to my mind for this category is My Little Monster, Classroom of the Elites, and Anohana are some examples of this genre.

Sub or Dub

You can watch anime either in the original language (Japanese) with subtitles. You can also watch the show in a language that you can understand (English) without subtitles. Once you start watching in Japanese, there’s no coming back. There are categories of anime that are available in either sub or dub, so you don’t have to struggle much.

The best difference between Sub and Dub, my favorite scene in One Piece, is when Luffy is wandering in the forest on Sky Island singing the famous song. If you watch it in Japanese audio and then Dub you will instantly see the difference. Although, you are free to watch it however you want. Some anime have great dubbing, like Naruto, for instance.

Where to start

If you are looking for an anime to start with, you should choose the genre you like as there are many categories of anime to choose from. If you are comfortable with any genre then you can start with One Piece, Naruto. Remember that these anime are quite long so you can go for Death Note, and Attack on Titan for fewer episodes. There are hundreds of anime with less than 15 episodes you watch to start your anime journey.

Where You can watch

ANime Streaming Platforms

There are many platforms where you can stream anime legally including Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. It has a number of series to watch. Both Dub and Sub are available on these platforms so you can choose what anime to watch without worry. You can watch different categories of anime on multiple platforms.

Finally, one of the great things about anime is the community that surrounds it, join anime communities and forums can help connect you to other fans, learn more about anime and get recommendations for other shows to watch.

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