Here, We know about the List of SpyXFamily Characters. A good anime requires many things to be great, its plot should be good, the animation should be good, and one more thing which makes an anime world-level is the anime’s cast. Do you watch an anime for its plot or characters, or both? Spy X Family is a recent anime with a solid cast of characters that are filled with all sorts of characters. If you have not seen this anime, go check it out or read manga through This anime has a variety of characters expressing diversification of the anime. let’s go through the List of Spy x Family Characters.

1. Loid Forger

Loid Forger spy x family Hello Bro

Loid Forger is the protagonist of the story who is a spy working for the Westalis Intelligence Agency, also known as WISE. He goes by the code name ‘Twilight’. This character is very conservative and is a lone wolf and prefers to work alone, but he finds himself in a dilemma when he is asked to raise a family for a special mission, will this mission develop Twilight into a caring, sharing, compassionate person or stay the way he is? His intelligence is unmatched as he prepares thoroughly for the interview by remembering every small detail about the interviewers and brings three changes of clothes, just in case.

2. Anya Forger

To construct his family Loid goes to an orphanage to adopt a child where he meets Anya, who is a telepath who can read anyone’s mind, she is a nonchalant kid representing innocence and purity as she speaks her mind freely, she is not very bright academically but she makes for it by her awareness of the surrounding and her cuteness. She is required to pass the interview to get admitted into the prestigious Eden Academy, so Loid tries his best to make her qualify, but will she make it to the Eden Academy? Anya is the funniest character of SpyXFamily.

3. Yor Forger

Yor Forger spy x family Hello Bro

The newest addition to the family, she is a nervous woman who is secretly an assassin. Loid Forger asks her to marry him in hope of finding a mom for Anya. He also wants to gain a reputation as a family and execute his mission. The three of them live together by hiding their true identity and pretending to be someone else. Even though Yor is an excellent assassin, she is a little slow in the head and believes Loid every time and her presence of mind is not very bright.

4. Yuri Briar

Yuri Briar spy x family Hello Bro

The younger brother of Yor Forger is Yuri Briar who works for Ostania’s State Security Service. He is very intelligent in normal conditions but becomes vulnerable to mistakes when his sister is involved. He forms an imaginary rivalry with Loid as he thinks he is genuine but constantly questions Loid’s motive, this rivalry is born out of jealousy over Yor.

5. Franky Franklin

Franky Franklin spy x family Hello Bro

Franky Franklin is one of the smartest characters of SpyXFamily just after Loid in terms of intelligence. He provides Loid with means and services to achieve his mission efficiently and quickly. Franky also performs as an informant about the news and events regarding his mission and other things. He is as important as his family to his mission.

6. Henry Henderson

 Henry Henderson is one of the most prominent figures in the Eden Academy. Eden Academy is the best academy in Ostania. He is also the housemaster of Anya, Becky, and Damian’s class. He rarely misses the chance to say the word ‘elegant’.

7. Damian Desmond

Damian Desmond is the second son of Loid’s target: Donovan Desmond, the chairman of the National Unity Party(NUP). He is most likely to become an imperial scholar with an excellent record in academics. He has a crush on Anya and finds himself blushing and confused over her. This SpyXFamily character is very important as he holds the key to the mission.

This list introduces important characters so far in the anime who have provided for the plot in major terms.

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