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Are you a One Piece fan, and looking for recent news about it? If your answer is yes, then this place is for you.

One Piece chapter 1054 is back after a month-long break. This chapter has revealed some major news to its audience. If you are a one-piece fan then there is some great news for you, ‘Shanks appearance’. Shanks appeared in the manga Oda and it hints that the story is finally in its final Phases. He said that the month-long break was to focus on the final War. If you have not read the previous chapter, then you should stop right here as this contains a major spoiler.

If you are reading one-piece manga online, then you know that at the start of the chapter, an admiral named Ryokugyu is fighting with the Akazaya who seems to have come here to take care of Luffy. This reaction from the marines shows that the navy has finally considered Luffy as a headache enough. They send an admiral to take care of him, TWICE!! which really shows how great Luffy has become.

Ryokugyu stresses that a country like Wano with no affiliations to the World Govt. keeps growing on its own. This promotes instability and threat to other affiliated nations. He also makes the same remark as Mihawk, “Luffy has the ability to attract people towards him”. Ryokugyu faces Akazaya on his way to capture Luffy and Yamato also joins the fight. Meanwhile, Momonosuke surprises the admiral with his gigantic dragon form.

One of the best things that happened in chapter 1054 was Shanks. Oda finally blessed us with Shanks after a long time and this time, Shanks means business. He appears to be joining the race for the ‘One Piece’ treasure, which is big news. Although it was inevitable that Luffy has to fight Shanks at some point in order to become the pirate king.

The revolutionary army made its move as Sabo assassinated Nerfetari Cobra, the King of Alabasta. The World govt. is in an uproar and the whole world is in chaos. Pirates and the revolutionary army have made life difficult for the Marines. It is safe to say that whatever happens from now on, is important to the plot of the manga.

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