Top 10 Anime With Well-Written Female Characters You Need to Watch

The love for anime is worldwide and the quality of anime speaks for itself. Protagonists of the anime show authority of popularity, especially male characters who hog all the action and leave females for less action. In many anime that have performed well, the credit goes to the excellent creation of characters who are written beautifully. The female characters of any series have to be of great quality in order for the series to be top-level.

There are some anime with female protagonists and anime with unorthodox female casts and personalities. The anime has broken through the barriers of stereotypical women. But now, the female cast is more diverse and less marginalized.

In this article, we are going to talk about anime with a great female cast. So hang tight and expect some great anime that you should watch with great and diverse female characters. Read the complete article to avoid missing any anime with great characters that make the anime worth watching.

One Piece -Greatest Catagolue of Female Characters

One Piece

One Piece is arguably the greatest anime of all time and the reason is not just one aspect. It is a beautiful combination of those aspects. This makes an outstanding plot that is impossible to repeat, ever. Even though the anime has great quality and a number of characters, One Piece fans have little to complain about.

There are very few things that testify against One Piece, most of the part is just perfect. The female characters are also neck to neck with their male counterparts. Characters like Robin, who is a calm and collected lady with a brilliantly written backstory.

Oda has many female characters with personalities, and even though these characters sometimes have too much fan service. For example, Nami in Arlong Park, Violet’s secret identity in Dressrosa. These characters display a different angle of women in anime that displays their strength and incredible will.


 Bleach Female Characters

Bleach is one of the ‘big three’ of anime with One Piece and Naruto as the other two. It is an anime about sending lost souls to the afterworld with exorcism. The protagonist is an ordinary student with an ordinary life. When he is exposed to the life of Soul World which is a whole new domain for him. This event sets up Ichigo for a great adventure.

If Kubo has done one thing, that is his female characters that are beautiful to read. He has created a range of unique and diverse characters with great backstories and plots. The females are not just well-written, they are very beautiful. There are characters like Orihime, the embodiment of purity, innocence, and affection. She is calm, and kind and is married to her lifelong love, Ichigo.

Another great character in this female cast is Yoruichi, who is a witty, smart, and sexy character who can transform herself into a cat which often startles people. She likes to transform in front of people to see their shocked reactions. She is mostly calm and collected with a playful and flirty nature with males younger than her, like Ichigo, Byakuya, and many others.

Attack on Titan- Tomboys

attack on titan  Female Characters

Attack on Titan is easily in the top 5 anime of all time, according to me. Many might find this a bit biased but I genuinely consider AOT a masterpiece. The story is set in a universe where humanity is a minority. They are restricted to the walls with the constant threat of Titans who devours humans. It has a unique set of female characters who are truly badass.

The female cast of this anime is quite solid compared to the other casts. These characters have better backstories, individuality, and character-building. The females are very strong and powerful, as they have equal participation as men in decisions and strategies.

Mikasa is such an example of the cast, she is a strong, compassionate, kind character. Annie is another great example as she has only one goal in mind, to return to her father. We have another character ‘Hange Zoe’, who does research on Titans. She is quite curious about the Titans and can constantly talk about them for a long time.

Kakeguri- Thrill in Gambling


Kakeguri is an anime about gambling and how people addicted to it behave. The anime is about a harem where the protagonist is a genius gambler girl, Yumeko Jabami. She is a tall and beautiful girl who finds a thrill in her life by gambling on absolutely anything.

The main reason for her excitement might be the chance of losing or an associated risk. We all know there is a certain kind of pleasure in pain and risk. The anime has a cast of strong and independent women, with characters and personalities.

There are other characters with the same addiction to gambling, these female characters have distinct personalities from their female counterparts. The girls are very strong and independent along with a mutual thrill for gambling. They will go to any extent for gambling, even including risking their body and life. So this anime has one of the best female casts.

My Dress Up Darling- Cosplay Lover Characters

my dress up darling  Female Characters

My Dress Up Darling is a romance anime that portrays the other sides of one sided-love. The anime brings two polar opposite individuals, Marin and Gojou, With Gojou being completely shy and Marin, being the popular class kid. Gojou believes that he can never be friends with Marin. The anime features a diverse set of female characters including Marin, and the sisters.

Gojou loves Hina Dolls and wants to be a professional doll maker, and Marina wants to be a cosplayer. Fate somehow brings them together and that starts the story of a cute and shy friendship. Marin is very popular in her class and she is confident in herself.

Shinju Inui is the younger sister of the Inui sisters, unlike her elder sister she is taller and looks more mature than her age. She is a complete contrast to her sister, who is straightforward and blunt. Shinju is soft-spoken and slightly underconfident. Her sister is the cosplayer and she is the photographer.

Sajuna Inui is the elder sister of Shinju, she seems a bit younger than she actually is. She is a genius when it comes to cosplay and even Marin admires her cosplay and fangirls over her when she meets her. This female cast of My Dress Up darling is brilliant with character and personality.

Chainsaw Man- Manipulative and Powerful

chainsaw man

This is probably the hottest anime in the game right now, with Denji burdened with his father’s debt. He works hard to clear off the debt. He kills demons to earn a livelihood with his pet devil dog, Pochita. The lender kills Denji with a devious plan. Pochita gives his life to Denji which converts him into a devil. This anime is filled with a great set of female characters.

After his transformation, he is exposed to girls, his lifelong dream. He starts as a devil hunter and meets different types of girls, like Makima, Power, and Kobeni. They show a range of personalities and characters. Makima is the head of the devil hunter department and is a mysterious character with unclear motives.

Another character is ‘Power’, a young, energetic, and outgoing devil girl who hates humans. She is a fun-seeking girl who likes to go out and kill devils for fun. Overall, the female cast is independent, powerful, and confident.

Violet Evergarden- Compassionate and beautiful Characters

violet evergarden  Female Characters

There are very few anime written as beautifully as Violet Evergarden. The anime is about a young girl who was once a war soldier and was trained to kill mercilessly. After the war, Violet is out of work and the sad thing is that she does not know anything else except war. So, when she tries to live an ordinary life. She struggles immensely to understand the emotions that her companions show.

The anime is a beautiful portrayal of Violet’s quest to under the concept of ‘love’?, her master while dying said it to her and since then she has been trying to figure out what it means. Violet’s character accurately represents someone who struggles socially and can neither display his/her emotions nor understand them.

The anime has some impactful female characters in the form of Cattleya Baudelaire, who is a senior doll in CH Postal Company, she tends to her client’s requests and sometimes solves her client’s love ordeal. There are many such characters who help Violet to understand the concept of love and feelings which she didn’t understand before.

Demon Slayer dangerous when needed

demon slayer

Demon Slayer is a famous anime that has established itself as a top new-generation anime. Every anime that has performed well is supported by strong female characters with a lot of distinctive personalities. Demon Slayer is a great anime with a great female cast.

My personal favorite female character in anime is Shinobu Kocho, a strong character who is very powerful and cute. She despises demons from the bottom of her heart. Another great character is Nezuko, who is a demon who does not devour humans. She is the sister of the protagonist Tanjiro and is a timid girl.

Black CloverGracious and Bold Characters

Black Clover Female Characters

Black Clover is yet another superhit anime with a great plot, animation, and a great female characters cast with diversity and uniqueness. A great plot and universe supporting Asta, the protagonist cannot use magic and relies only on his physical strength. Dreaming of becoming the Wizard king, he has to join the ranks of magic knights of one of the squads. The story is well-written and set up interestingly.

As far as the female cast is concerned, the creator has done a magnificent job in writing the female characters, that show various personalities and characters. My favorite female character in the anime is obviously Noelle Silva, who is a perfect blend of beauty, and how her attitude towards Asta changes. Being a royal, it is understandable that she has a bit of attitude and thinks of everyone as inferior to her.

My other pick is Lily, who lived with Asta and Yuno in their childhood at the church. She is very kind, and compassionate and always looks out for children at the orphanage. She sometimes scolds them oo, when they make unnecessary demands, and Asta too when he asks Lily to marry him.

Jujutsu KaisenPowerful and Strong Female Characters

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is an excellent anime with many great characters and events. The cast is almost perfect, but the female characters pour fresh energy into the anime. With their strong will and character, they are setting the trends in other anime and manga as well.

The characters are written very well with good backstories and unique points of view that set them apart from each other and there is no repetition of personalities which indicates great diversification of characters and different perspectives from female characters.

The best female characters of the anime are of course Kugisaki Nobara, a confident, outgoing and goofy person who often joins Itadori and Gojou in their silly activities, but she is powerful and independent regardless. Other characters with similar pedigrees are Maki and Mei Mei who are all written perfectly.

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