Top 10 Anime You Should Watch this October 2022

Here, We know about the Top 10 Best Anime of October 2022. October is just another month of the year, but October 2022, this month brings a lot of great anime which is highly anticipated. Many anime are sequels and the respective fans are waiting for some time for these anime. So, without any further delay let’s get to know what anime October has in the store for anime fanatics.

My Hero Academia: Season 6


Kลhei Horikoshiย is the creator of My hero Academia which is scheduled to release on October 1. Those who have caught up with the show will know how big season 6 is going to be. In season 5, Horikoshi set up one of the biggest anime moments in the history of the MHA. This season will cover the Paranormal Liberation War and the hero community might need to step up their game as Tomura Shigaraki has obtained a very frightening power. Get ready to experience the war between Heroes and Villains.

Release Date: October 1

Spy x Family: Part 2

SpyXFamily Season 2

Spy Family became one of the most popular anime since its release in April 2022. This anime is loved by the majority of its audience and season 2 is expected to leave the same impact that seasons 1 left on the minds of season 1 viewers. The anime’s first season covered the introduction of three major characters, Loid Forger, Anya, and Yor Forger. These characters are hiding their true self from each other while living together as a family. The main plot of season 1 involves getting Anya into the prestigious ‘Eden’s Academy’. Season 2 of the anime will dive deep into the mission that started in the previous season.

Release Date: October 1

Golden Kamuy: Season 4

Golden Kamui Season 4

The great list of upcoming anime includes Golden Kamuy, Season 4. With Sugimoto and Aspira ultimately reunited after a very long separation from each other. But now, both of them start going towards Hokkaido while Aspira starts recollecting visions that may provide a hint about the location of the treasure that her father hid somewhere unknown. The 4th season of this anime is obviously a must-watch. The animation company Geno Studio was overtaken by Studio Brain’s Base as the animation department. Watch this anime on Crunchyroll.

Release Date: October 3

Mob Psycho 100: Season 3

Mob Psycho season 3

Mob Psycho is a cult favorite anime since it was first released. The anime was much loved by its audience due to its creative designing, great humor, and exceptional animation. Mob is a very shy guy and has psychic powers which are undefeated so far. Mob Psycho is an anime that was delivered during both seasons. Hopefully, this season will also bring some quality animation and a great story like the previous seasons.

Release Date: October 5

Blue Lock

Blue Lock

The sports anime genre is becoming more and more trending as great quality sports anime is gaining popularity. Anime like Haikyu, Slam Dunk, and Ao Ashi has paved the way for great sports anime. Blue Lock is the next big thing in the sports genre. The story features Yoichi Isagi as he participates in the Blue Lock program, which is designed to find the greatest striker of the Japanese National Team. Catch this anime in October.

Release Date: October 8

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

Bleach thousand year blood war

Bleach is a part of the legendary “Big Three” anime consisting of One Piece and Naruto. When Bleach was canceled in 2012, many believed that Bleach will never get finished as an anime. But almost ten years after, Bleach is ready for its conclusion and adaptation of the final arc of the manga. The fans are hoping for this anime for a really long time. This means that the anime has to deliver in terms of animation. If you don’t have much free time and can only afford one anime to watch, then Bleach is your option as you can witness a landmark moment in anime history.

Release Date: October 10

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

No Doubt about this anime, it has the potential to become a pillar of new-generation shonen anime pillar. On top of that, Chainsaw man is probably the hottest anime in the world. The story introduces Denji who encounters a lot of unnatural creatures after his pet Devil revives him as Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw man’s anticipation is much greater than a sequel anime. The show is a bit graphic and explores many sensitive themes including depression, lust, and jealousy. Since the animation is managed by MAPPA Studio, the animation quality of the anime is expected to be pretty resourceful and attractive.

Release Date: October 11

To Your Eternity: Season 2

TO your eternity

To your eternity: season 2 is a greatly anticipated anime. The first season of this anime was great. The success of the first season has fans wanting more and the anime has provided. Scheduled to release on October 23rd, this anime is surely a must-watch without a shadow of a doubt.

Release Date: 23 October

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: Season 2

The sequel to Shinichi Sakurai being stalked on a daily basis by Hana Uzaki, his classmate, is scheduled to air in the October 2022 anime line-up too. Though most of the new October anime entries are from the action-adventure genre, romcom fans will also get their fill with Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: Season 2.

Release Date: October 1

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition


After the sudden death of Kentaro Miura, the writer of Berserk, fans around the world hoped that the show will never be released. But, the show has been scheduled to return in October. The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition marks the celebration of Miura’s work, so that all fans, whether new or old, can relive the brilliance of this hit manga and anime.

Release Date: October 1

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