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Here we know about the TOP 10 MOST POWERFUL CHARACTERS IN ATTACK ON TITAN. Attack on Titan is a very famous anime adapted from the manga written by “Hajime Isayama”. The anime is a fantasy genre anime where humanity is seen to have perished to an extent that the rest of the people are forced to live in a wall surrounded by giants or Titans, as they call it. These titans are strange creatures who eat humans.

The people inside the wall have created an army branch to venture outside the walls, called ‘The Survey Corps’, whose main goal is to obtain information about Titans and their origin, and how to counter them. As the Protagonist ‘Eren Yeagar’ enlists in the Survey Corps, many secrets are unveiled and many truths are discovered along the way. We have created the TOP 10 MOST POWERFUL CHARACTERS IN ATTACK ON TITAN.

10. Bertolt Hoover

bertholdt hoover

Bertolt Hoover is listed in the 104th survey corps, the same as the protagonist, Eren Yeager. He is usually quiet and timid. But as his identity is revealed, he is perceived to be a much bigger threat to the humanity inside the walls, as he holds the ‘Colossal Titan’, it puts him in 10th place despite having little human strength.

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9. Hange Zoe

attack on titan characters hange zoe

Hange Zoe is tasked to perform experiments on titans and obtain information from them, she is extremely talkative and passionate about titans as she once spent the entire night explaining titan experiments to Eren. After Erwin Smith, she was named ‘The Commander’ of the Survey Corps, which shows the tenacity and survival skills she has, which definitely puts her in 9th place on this list.

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8. Jean Kirstein

jean kirstein

Jean has seen one of the best character development in the anime in terms of maturity and intelligence. He was seen as a weak person and he wanted to be a soldier in the Military Police Brigade, which stays in the walls. But when the moment of the decision comes, he chooses Survey Cops as he believes that the Survey Corps is the only one which can bring about real change. He develops his combat skills pretty well too, in my opinion, Jean will occupy the 8th position in the rankings.

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7. Armin Arlert


Armin Arlert is one of the main trio of the show, along with his two friends. He is not exactly the fighting type of guy, but his strategic thinking is second to none as he provided many solutions to the problems of the Survey Corps in the past which has saved their life many times. After inheriting the Colossal Titan from Bertolt, Armin becomes much stronger thanks to his titan ability. His Titan power easily puts him in 7th place.

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6. Reiner Braun

reiner braun

Reiner was a tough guy, with whom everyone feels safe and he gives the feeling of a big brother. He is a skilled combatant and fights pretty well. Reiner is one of the most complex characters of the series because he loses his sense of reality as he lived for a very long time inside the walls.

He is not sure as to what is his real identity, the one from Marley, or the one in the Training Corps. His Armored Titan just adds to his personal strength which places him in 6th place, it is pretty good for someone who was saved by someone, and it resulted in that person’s death, which is a burden he has been carrying his entire life.

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5. Annie Leonhart

annie leonhart

Annie went to Paradis Island along with Reiner and Bertolt to complete a certain mission. She was the quietest, anti-social, and determined to complete the mission given to them. She learned hand-to-hand combat from her father. At the time of her departure, her father promised her to come back, that’s all she lives for now. She is also the holder of ‘The Female Titan’ which is enough to place her among the top 5 of the list.

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4. Mikasa Ackerman

mikasa ackerman

Ackermans are known for their fighting abilities and going berserk if they have a strong reason to fight or protect. Mikasa Ackerman is one of the last remaining people of the Ackerman clan. She experiences a trauma early on in her life as a little child when she sees her parents murdered in front of her and meets Eren, who changes her life entirely. Due to her Ackerman blood and undying love for Eren, she holds the 4th spot in our ranking.

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3. Zeke Yeager

zeke yeager

Zeke is the son of Grisha Yeagar and half-brother of Eren. Zeke’s mother was a royal born and that explains the reason behind Zeke being able to control Titans. He also possesses the ‘Beast Titan’, who has developed into an expert thrower, who can throw stones, horses, and humans with great accuracy. Zeke is probably the smartest character in the series as he has been planning the plot since the start and kept both Marleyan and Paradis’ side believing that he is on their side. He gets the 3rd spot due to his intellect with Beast titan’s power and his royal blood.

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2. Levi Ackerman

levi ackerman

Levi Ackerman is 2nd on the list without any titan power, which shows how strong and powerful is he. He was very small when his mother dies, then his uncle Kenny raised him to live in the underground, among thieves and criminals. When he got a chance to go into Survey Corps, he took it. From then on, he has been an integral part of the Survey Corps. His reputation is too much for anybody as he is “Humanity’s Greatest Soldier”, which is fitting for him considering how many titans he has slayed. He is so strong that even Zeke admitted he would not want to go one vs. one with Levi, which makes him worthy of 2nd position.

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1. Eren Yeager

eren yeager

Eren Yeager is the name that was not very popular in the first half of the show. But when his name reached Marley, he became truly terrifying by then. He became an internationally wanted criminal who committed mass genocide in the name of revenge. He is the strongest titan and character in the whole series. As he acquires the Founding and Attack Titan from his father, he decides to exterminate the entire world. He carries the burden by himself due to his immense power and will. Eren Yeager is the most powerful character in ‘Attack of Titan’.

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