Top 10 Strongest Characters of One piece Anime Right Now

Here we know about the Top 10 Strongest Characters of ‘One Piece’ Anime. As we all know, One piece is a hugely popular anime with great success all over the globe. The reason for its success is known worldwide, one of them being having a genius creator, plot, and a wealth of characters. Among the fans of this anime, a constant argument has been raised about the most powerful characters in One Piece. In an attempt to provide an accurate list of the most powerful characters, we have picked 10 powerful characters in the series based on their bounties, their status, and considering other important factors. We have picked the Top 10 Strongest Characters of One Piece Anime.

10. Trafalgar D. Law

Top 10 Strongest Characters of One piece Anime

Trafalgar D. Law had a very sad childhood. Corazon taught him everything he needs to survive. He became a doctor and formed his own pirate crew, ‘Heart Pirates’. With aiming to reveal the truth and unearth some mighty secrets he forms a temporary alliance to overthrow Doflammingo and later on Kaido. World Government sees him as a major threat as he possesses a very strong Devil Fruit. During the Onigashima Raid, Kid, Law, and Luffy formed an alliance temporarily to defeat Kaido and his army. His bounty also rose to 3 Billion berries and is recognized worldwide.

9. Roronoa Zoro

Top 10 Strongest Characters of One piece Anime

Zoro is my favorite character. Period. There is everything I like about him. His determination, and his loyalty towards Luffy. After the death of his friend, he decided to become the world’s strongest swordsman the world has ever seen, the only problem is that someone already exists as the world’s strongest swordsman. To get that title he has to defeat Mihawk for which he has a long way to go till he achieves that feat. Zoro’s strength is on par with an Emperor which means his bounty does not provide Justice to his name. As the right-hand man of an Emperor (Luffy is now an Emperor), he is certainly a powerful man. His bounty is 1.1 Billion berries currently which is expected to rise after his adventures.

8. Monkey D. Luffy

one piece anime

The protagonist of the series, Luffy is raised by his grandfather, Garp, which shows his strength and great tenacity. Luffy decided to become pirate king under influence of Shanks. Luffy has helped many kingdoms by freeing them from tyrants, terrorists, and all sorts of problems. Luffy’s lowest point came during the paramount War, when his brother Ace, died in his arms while saving him. It breaks Luffy completely and shatters his will. During this tough time, he is guided by Rayleigh. Luffy’s latest venture includes Wano and how he wants to liberate everyone who is suffering from Kaido’s exploits. His heroics in Wano raised his bounty to 3 billion berries. this is just the start for the ‘Future Pirate King’.

7. Aokiji

Top 10 Strongest Characters of One piece Anime

Aokiji is one of the strongest marines but after the Paramount War at Marineford. Akainu and Aokiji had different ideas of justice which escalated into a huge fight, which resulted in Aokiji leaving the Marine. He decided to work independently. His devil fruit is too powerful as he once had a chance to wipe out the whole Straw Hat Crew but spared them anyways, it shows the magnitude of his strength.

6. Marshal D. Teach(Blackbeard)

one piece anime

Marshal D. Teach also known as Blackbeard, is a notorious man who will go to any length to gain power. When he was in Whitebeard’s crew, he committed the heinous crime of killing his own crewmate for a devil’s fruit and fleeing from there. His devil fruit has the power to extract anyone’s devil fruit. During the paramount war, Blackbeard showed his true powers to the world by absorbing Whitebeard’s power and holding two powers at the same time, a feat no other man can do. His superhuman powers take his bounty up to 2.2 Billion Berries.

5. Akainu

Top 10 Strongest Characters of One piece Anime

Akainu is currently the strongest marine. He was promoted to the position of Fleet Admiral. Akainu is a hardcore believer in Absolute Justice which means, he who commits a crime should be punished regardless of anything. During the paramount war, Akainu was about to kill a fellow marine in the name of justice. His magma devil fruit burned a hole through Ace’s body which shows the strength he acquires.

4. Shanks

one piece anime

One of the most mysterious characters in One Piece, Shanks is the reason Luffy wants to become a pirate King. Shanks has his arm cut off while saving him. He gives Luffy his hat and tells him to hold on unless they meet again. Shanks is believed to have the strongest Conqueror’s Haki among all the characters in one piece. Shanks’ strength can be determined by the fact that he stopped the paramount War while casually stepping in the middle of a war. Sengoku accepted that which means he is not just powerful, he is influential too. With a bounty of over 4 billion berries, he is certainly not to be underestimated.

3. Big Mom

Top 10 Strongest Characters of One piece Anime

Big Mom aka Charlotte Linlin is the only woman to feature in this list. She acquires a very strong devil fruit that can suck out life and give it to non-living things, which is quite dreadful. Big Mom gained a reputation when she joined Rock pirates, when she left the crew she started her own pirate crew ‘Big mom pirates’ and her territory ‘Whole cake island’. Her bounty is over 4.3 billion berries which show how powerful and dangerous she is.

2. Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is probably the only character who has less screen time than Shanks as very little is known about him. All we know about Dragon is that he is the leader of the revolutionary army and the father of Luffy. His true extent of strength is unknown. We do not know how strong he really is. He saved Luffy in Loguetown when Buggy was about to execute him. Dragon’s position on this list can be understood by the fact that his bounty is 4.6 billion berries, which gives an idea that how strong and how much of a threat he is to the World Government.

1. Kaidou

one piece anime

The captain of the Beasts Pirates, Kaidou is dubbed the strongest creature in the world. Add his devil fruit, he becomes invincible. He was arrested, tortured, and executed many times, but he could not be killed. He even tried Suicide, but even suicide could not end him. Kaidou has never lost a 1v1 which shows how lethal he is. His bounty of 4.6 million gives an accurate idea of his strength and power, which explains his position on the list.

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