Upcoming Birthdays of Your Favorite Anime Characters this Week

Here we know about the Upcoming Birthday of Your favorite anime characters. We all have a birthday when we celebrate the day with parties, celebrations and what not. For anime characters, even though they are not born literally, but they too, have a birthdate. Many characters have their birthdays on the same date as the available dates are only 365. So, it is pretty obvious that some have their birthdays on same date.

Some people like to celebrate their birthdays in a lavish manner, if their budget allows so, and some like to keep it low profile. We can easily categorize among the characters that who will celebrate their irthday loudly or who will keep it a hush? The birthdays are taken for a period of one week, from November 11 to November 18.

We have prepared a list of Birthday of your favorite Anime Characters in the next 7 days. So, you can know if you share your Birthday with the favorite character.

November 11

Zoro (One piece)

Birthday of Your Favorite Anime Characters

The swordsman is a popular character, who hails from One Piece. Zoro is a member of the Strawhat Pirates and first-mate of Luffy. He is faithful, strong and never questions his captain. His unwavering faith in Luffy helps him to stay strong in odd situations. His birthday is on the date of November 11. Do you share your birthday with the future greatest swordsman?

If he ever was to celebrate his birthday, how would he do it by doing bare minimum. He will do anything to keep the party from happening as he would rather spend his time sleeping than partying.


Birthday of Your Favorite Anime Characters

Jiraiya is a character from the manga series Naruto. He was among the legendary Sannin trio consisting of Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiraiya. He has rejected the proposal of becoming Hokage many time so he can focus on his book and its research. His contribution in taking down Akatsuki was too huge.

He entered into the enemy’s territory to obtain absolutely vital information about Pain and his clones. The information proves important in defeating Pain and saving Konoha from further destruction. If Naruto’s master was to celebrate his birthday, I think we all know what kind of party he would have.

November 13

Mami Nanami(Rent A Girlfriend)

Birthday of Your Favorite Anime Characters

This character from the manga ‘Rent a Girlfriend’ is not very popular among its fans. Nanami was Kazuya’s girlfriend in the initial phase of the story. Since the two broke up, Kazuya is looking for a girlfriend.. After Nanami learns about the new formed bond between Kazuya and Chizuya, she feel jealous.

To try and win him back for herself, she goes to desperate measures by insulting Chizuru. Nanami gets more jealous over their ever increasing bond. If she ever has to organize a party, which is really soon, she will probably invite Kazuya only.

November 15

Chrollo Lucilfer(Hunter X Hunter)

Birthday of Your Favorite Anime Characters

Chrollo Lucilfer is was the leader of the notorious gang ‘Phantom Troupe’. He was the mastermind behind the plans and strategies. The Troupe was behind the extermination of Kurapika’s clan. This sparks a vengeance in Kurapika as he tries to avenge his clan. Chrollo is probably going to invite only Phantom Troupe members and no one else, as he remains alone most of the time.

Noelle Silva(Black Clover)

Noelle Silva Birthday is coming guys

The youngest child of SIlva household, who was constantly criticized throughout her life. She joined Black Bulls and was very rude towards other members. Her behavior towards the members and captain remained same and it changed after some certain events.

After realizing her true strength and comrades, she experiences a transformation and a sense of proud from her siblings who always loathed her. As far as her birthday party is concerned, she might invite Black Bull members only.

November 16

Yuno Gasai(Future Diary)

Yuno Gasai Birthday

Yuno Gasai from Future Diary has to be one of the most paranoid character. Her love towards Yuki is unconditional and unexplainable, and she will go to any length to stay close to Yuki. This includes harming someone in any manner. Throughout the story, she is defending him from everyone. Happy Birthday in advance to the most paranoid girl. Sadly, no one will get an invite to her party except Yuki.

November 17

Tetsuro Karoo(Haikyu)

Birthday of Your Favorite Anime Characters

Tetsuro Karoo is a friendly and competitive guy, and does not want to lose, especially from Karasuno High. He has an unofficial rivalry with Karasuno’s captain Daichi, as both of them want to be a better player and even a better captain. Tetsuro is a helpful guy who helps his teammates to understand the game better and play better.

November 18


Shizune Naruto Birthday

Shizune is a medical ninja and she accompanies Tsunade and returned to Konoha after Tsunade became Fifth Hokage. She assists Tsunade with the daily duties of Hoakge and provided her services to the sixth and seventh Hokage. Her birthday party’s guest will be Tsuande and Tonton(her pet).

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